novo número da revista Social Work Research

Volume 33, Number 3 of Social Work Research
Beyond Infrastructural Issues: Informal Barriers to Social Work Research (pg. 131), Matthew O. Howard
Measuring Parent Engagement in Foster Care (pg. 135), Lily T. Alpert; Preston A. Britner
The Available Time Scale: Measuring Foster Parents' Available Time to Foster (pg. 146), Donna J. Cherry; John G. Orme; Kathryn W. Rhodes
Claiming Your Connections: A Psychosocial Group Intervention Study of Black College Women (pg. 159), Lani V. Jones
Institutional Facilitation in Sustained Volunteering among Older Adult Volunteers (pg. 172), Fengyan Tang; Nancy Morrow-Howell; Songiee Hong
Closing the Need Service Gap: Gender Differences in Matching Services to Client Needs in Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment (pg. 183), Jeanne C. Marsh; Dingcai Cao; Hee-Choon Shin

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